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What’s your plan B?

If employment is not working then being an entrepreneur is not such a bad idea after all. Truth be told there are just not enough jobs out there. Most if not all of us were taught that education is the key to success. You go to school, pass exams and anticipate to get employed. Education is great but sometimes all the education in the world gets you nowhere. If this happens to you what’s your fall back plan?


A fall back plan may well mean starting your own business. There are five things you need to ask yourself before you start.


  1. What is your passion? What makes you tick? List at least 5 activities that you enjoy doing; it could be travelling, reading, writing, painting or even shopping.
  2. Which of these activities has a value that people would pay for?
  3. Which of these activities can you do without undertaking further training? Do you research! Are people ready t o pay for your products or services?
  4. Seek opinions and this forum is a great place for you to start. Test your idea, ask questions surrounding your product or service, and be willing to offer promotional services so that people can see the value addition in your product or service. People will give you honest feedback for what you have to offer.
  5. Plan: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take time to write down a plan on how you will systematically run your business. Allocate time lines to these activities and how the steps will be completed.


Follow your passion, your gut feeling. However remember that just because it works for someone you know, and that someone is making good money from the business it doesn’t mean that you will make money. There are reasons why it works for them.

For your business to work for you the reasons should be pegged around your passion, commitment, and your financial position.


What is your social media plan?


Once you have decided to start your social media strategy and branding find out what works and what doesn’t


  In Kenya going to school and getting yourself that honorary degree does not guarantee you a job, there are just not enough jobs out there. As you create your business offline you need to consider venturing and marketing your business online. You may just be surprised to find your potential or your current customers talking about your brand. This is when you need a strategy that will both encompass your online and your social media reputation as a brand. Below are the steps you take in the process of creating your strategy.


Step 1

What is your business about? What are you selling to your clients? List your product and service offering.

 Step 2

Who are your demographics and where do they spend most of their time online? On which social media site would you find them? What time are they online for them to take a look at your website? Is your product or service of value to them

Step 3

Which of these social media forums and marketing activities can you comfortably start without further training? Do some market research to see if people are in need of your products or services and are willing to pay for them

Step 4

Seek the opinion of someone you trust and who will be open about your business venture

 Step 5

Write does a step by step plan of how you are going to execute these activities allocate timelines for these to be completed

Finally entrepreneurship is about being able to see an opportunity and make it a profitable business. All the best in making your strategy


3 Reasons why your business needs a blog

As an entrepreneur you need a blog for 3 reasons; a blog will increase your brand visibility online.  Every post you publish using your blog has a different link this is easier for it to be indexed by search engines. This is different from your website pages that have one specific link which is indexed once.

Your blog is important as it helps in driving traffic to your website and it is here where people get to see what products and services you are offering.

And finally by having a blog you slowly but surely establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Its easy to create a community from your blog with people interested in your content following you. In addition you create room for engagement through the space provided for comments making it easy for you to be the go to person in your market.


They say you need one or two ideas as an entrepreneur to make it work. To most small business owners, getting through the first phases and the initial set up of the business is the most challenging part. If an entrepreneur does not get It right at this point then they end up being just another statistic of non starter start ups.

As your business prepares to launch on social media sphere, you strategy needs to have clear, concise and SMART goals otherwise your whole social media project is doomed to fail and as a business owner you will eventually get overwhelmed as there is a lot to do to get your business that much needed online presence.

Getting mentorship through another business which has already launched their social media marketing which is successful and is working will help you get direction on how to go about setting up your system and at the same time learning from their mistakes.

Be clear on your target market! Remember your business is not for everyone but targets a specific kind of market. This will help you know which forums to first launch your product and services to first and where to concentrate your social media marketing efforts to.

If your strategy is right and on course you will eventually start enjoying and appreciating the return on investment because you have the right audience that is interested in your product. Always keep reviewing your strategy as it should not be cast in stone; as you go along you will realize that there are some tactics that will work for your business and others which  will not work.




Knowing which social media forum to use is quite important for every business. This is especially important before you embark on your social media strategy and planning. As a business owner knowing your target market and the demographics will lead you to the appropriate forum to use your social media marketing efforts.

Take it one step at a time; there are about 8 social media sites and as business going on to social media for the first time it would be good to start your marketing efforts with the big three sites which include: face book, twitter and you tube.

Among the three work at knowing which one will specifically increase your chances of getting leads and future valuable relationships and from here, learn how to use the forum your advantage.

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